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Although our numbers are small, we are still one of the best guilds in WoWScapes history
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 Carbonite cursorcompanion AllinOneInventory

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Carbonite cursorcompanion AllinOneInventory Empty
PostSubject: Carbonite cursorcompanion AllinOneInventory   Carbonite cursorcompanion AllinOneInventory Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 3:25 pm

u can download it from www.curse.com
Carbonite > questhelper

Be sure u download 2.01

When u add a quest it will track on map and minimap where the zone's are.
U can add custom notes that will also show on ure mini/map.
U can see what quest other ppl have by hoovering over it.

an addon that attach your mobnfo to your cursor.

Like it says it opens all bags in 1 click and it shows how other ppl on your account has in his bag, gold in total.
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Carbonite cursorcompanion AllinOneInventory
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