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Although our numbers are small, we are still one of the best guilds in WoWScapes history
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 Heya lads and laddettes

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Heya lads and laddettes Empty
PostSubject: Heya lads and laddettes   Heya lads and laddettes Icon_minitimeThu Feb 19, 2009 8:03 am

Hey dudes, im gonna be off wow.... for as long as i can stay away basicly.... so if you wanna contact me outside of the forumns, which everybody goes on, and reads, and posts on, obviously..... then heres my email -------- robo202@hotmail.com ........ send me an email sometime Very Happy that goes for all you high ranking peeps that i talked to for a while Very Happy i will jump on vent every now and then aswell... for those who have mics.... okay... dont miss me too much... i know ill miss you guys  : ((((((( 

Tausho AKA Rob AKA Robert 
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Heya lads and laddettes
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